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Live Stream Shouldn't Be Hard

Traditional linear live streaming is costly, requires hardware, bandwidth, and lots of know how to put together

We make linear live OTT Streaming Easy.

Costly Hardware

Encoders, managed network, large dedicated bandwidth, servers, and much more that can get in the way of distributing content the way you want.

There's no hardware required with Pro Play..

Months Before You Can Get Anywhere

Traditional 24/7 streaming can take months before you see your first stream. With Pro Play, you are streaming faster.

Brandon B. is happy Pro Play solved his issue.

The video quality is far superior then traditional streaming services , your viewers will be much happier and in return thank you by returning to your channel.

Brandon B. | Bishop Podcast

About Pro Play

Pro Play was founded by Michael Moore who has been working in the streaming industry for 10 years. Out of a growing trend stats and a understanding of how hard streaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without stopping or interruption Pro Play was born.

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